Your dreams need you !

Your dreams need you !

Society plays a major role in our life. We do everything that satisfies society without ensuring if it fulfils us.
The things we do are constantly estimated on the benchmark of a name called society whereas the fact is that my preferences,  dreams, feelings have no meaning for this society but they just belong to me.

Nowadays, everybody’s dreams and actions depend on the standards and rules-driven by society.

A short story

I remember when one of my friends and I had experienced a fake job placement after college completion.
We joined the company and later found it fake. Then there were so many things before us. But the first thought came to our mind was the concern about the reaction of the society and the people who had nothing to do with the future and our dreams.
They might not be there with us to support during our failures, but they will surely be there to talk about it and to make it more difficult for us.
Those days were hard, and we were depressed not because we were duped but about people’s reactions towards it.
We went back for final project submissions in our college. We shared this experience with one of our close friends who was also going to join that fake company.
His words were simple and encouraging. He suggested us to look for a new job. Since we had just submitted a project for the final year, we had enough time to get a new job; he added.
After a few minutes of silence, my friend who had joined the company with me replied, “What will people say? We are such losers that we came back”.
“Even I can’t hear these things about me,”, I added further.

To this, our friend said, See, this life is yours and it is your parents only who should matter for you, No one else. Don’t think about a third person or a society as they have nothing to do with your success or failures. They will never ever came to you in your failure to help you or to show some concern”. But yes, they will always be there to make you weak”.

I learned something that day, Society doesn’t even matter. Truly, no one ever bothered if my school fee is pending or not except my parents.
They have always enquired how I am travelling to college in scorching summers or If I am doing good or not.
No one ever explained to me what will be best for my future.
No one will get the money I will earn and no one has ever paid anything for my education except my parents.
So, it should be my parents, not the ones who have no relation with me. I am here to prove myself only for my happiness, my family’s happiness who are deeply concerned if I fail in a subject called Life.

We returned to the city where we had joined that fake company, this time it was not to join that organization and spoil our future but to rise and achieve heights for our brighter future.

Society should matter only if they can feel your dreams and emotions. Society should not be the guests of the show who laughs when you fumble. They should be the ones who encourage you instead of discouraging.

Life is yours and so are your dreams. They just belong to you. The one who will be affected by dreams and your actions is you only.

Go and achieve what is right for you, don’t stop yourself by thinking about society.

Don’t let anyone else write the chapters of your book. Be the writer yourself. Write a true story and never let the shadows stop the brighter rays.

Focus, believe, and never quit !!

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