You Know It, Life

You Know It, Life

Little Life,
The tiny Life,
Saw the world as what it was,
Jittery and clueless, oh what it saw?
It saw light: illuminating
It saw flowers: blooming
Life began to take the first stride; life ran and followed the light; the brightest
Life touched the flowers, sniffed the sweetness
Life was growing, tip toeing, jumping, and hopping: the somersault!

Could it all be everlasting?
Could it all be enough?
Life never thought, the world could be rough.
Sigh! The eyes could not shut what’s coming its way,
The unraveled world!

And Life…I t      B

Life got swayed,
With the lies.
It was betrayed,
By the people.
The heart bore the spear, the one Life feared.
The spear of pain and disdain.
                                                                     Life was    F

                                                                                       G       apart.

Peace turned into pieces.
The urge to be relevant, who should Life look up to and vent?
The world has changed, molded,
The pain of wronged jolted,
The wound Life succumbed to, the norms it was enslaved by,
Oh, the unbearable agony!
There was a  r u s h , a  t h u n d e r, the incessant s t r u g g l e,


Life had to get out of the bubble,
The Life, dear Life had to stay uptight,
The Life had to settle what’s wrong and what’s right,
And it did, the Life.
It grew: Life
It survived: Life
It won’t be same, said people who should not be named,
For what it saw was not it hoped,
But somehow, Life coped,
It survived, the fire,
It got burnt,
It got bruised,
…still broken,
and that is life.

Life looked up the sky, the bluest, the saddest: It caved in.
But a voice…What was it? Where did it come from?
Buried inside the blacken and tarnished heart, it was the voice of Hope.
It called Life, it summoned Life.
And voice consoled, reassured…,

Oh, dear Life! Rise,
As you are burnt but you have fire.
You roar and hold dear: your desire,
You are burnt, but you are fire,
You are phoenix dear Life, rise and fly away,
Rise and fly away!



Very nice poetry on life.
The author has motivated the users in the end to rise and shine. Great work

Zain Ali Siddiqui

Awesome work

Aiman rao

Wonderful you did amazing!!
To miss jaweria
From Shamsi school

Dayyan Ahmed

this poem about life really is worthy of reading this shows the reality of a person actually it is the reality of everyone everyone faces same problem in life as you described. ” It grew: Life
It survived: Life ” this is master peace this really can be a motivation for a broken person if he can read it with fellings this is true master peice thanks for the poetry
regards Dayyan Ahmed .

Asaad Bin Amir

Beautiful. Just Beautiful Miss

Muhammad Hanzala Shamsi

Amazing poem


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