Why to Lose Hope ?

Why to Lose Hope ?

Why to Lose Hope? : The way things are happening around us, we are losing the courage within us to fight against these odd situations.

HOPE – a small word with intense meaning. It means Have an Optimistic approach towards the Problems Evolving. The basic thing we need to learn is just staying positive in whatever situation we are. Staying positive cut down half of the problems because staying positive means thinking positive and thinking positive means you are negating the problem. Our thought process has to do a lot with the mess happening around. It is our mind that decides who will win – Positive or Negative. Being hopeful means you have already started believing that situation won’t be the same tomorrow.

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Have you heard about Magic of Thinking?

Let me give you an example – suppose you are driving your car and rushing for office (late as always). The moment you are about to reach, you started thinking about the parking slot. Now here come two mindsets.
1) You think You will get the available slot as it is the peak time
2) You won’t get any slot

Our mind has a weird tendency – we attract negative things more easily and when it comes to thinking, we think negatively first.

So in this scenario maximum of us will think we won’t get the slot – which at last happens to be true!
But by any chance, if we would have thought there will be a slot, believe me, there will be!! (Try this next time whenever you go to the office)

This is the power of thinking, and this is strongly relatable to Being Hopeful. We have to stay positive and hope for the best to happen irrespective of the negative environment around us. Situations circumstances are not the same always. They will change. They have to change as this is the law of nature. Don’t just hold on to everything and spoil your present moments. People around you will change, their feelings will change, the surrounding environment will change. The things which are bothering you today will change. Even if they won’t, those nasty situations will turn out to be good for you later on. Just have faith in that almighty – in that divine creation which is making this universe work. Just be HOPEFUL.

Believe in that supernatural power and manifest that deep energy within you and feel that you are NOT alone, my dear. You are not alone!
Stay hopeful..stay positive and stay happy:)
In the end, why to Lose Hope ?.

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