My Unknown God – My Mother

My Unknown God – My Mother

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10 May, 2020

My Unknown God – My Mother
Unknown to me, cared for me,
Cleared all storms and raised me.
A soul that follows me day and night
Breathes for me, hugging me tight.

Loves me in good, doesn’t hate me for my bad
Cries for me when I am a little sad.
Hides her suffering, hides her pain
Yet, smiles like a rainbow in the rain.

Scorching heat and shivering cold.
She covered me in her lap and never told.
The one who made me learn, good and bad
Whose smile cures me when I am sad.

She showed me a path that leads to fly
Her tensed face makes me cry.
My strength, my soul, my shadow, my home
So many names and I call her mom.

Worst paths, painful situations, tensed race
All is easy with my closed eyes seeing her face.
I am here and will be anywhere,
yet she lives in my soul everywhere.

Can walk or cross oceans and mountains
Remembering her face, like God’s soothing rains.

She prays for me before her God.
She is my secret, my unknown God.
I cannot depict my love for her in words
She is My Unknown God, my Lord of lords.

My Unknown God–My Mom

My unknown God, whom I can never tell. She is more than anything; she is in my blood and skin. My Unknown God – My Mother

Love you Maa, I never said.

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Amazingly described the mother’s love…superb !


This made me emotional. Love you mother.


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