The Conflict of Life

The Conflict of Life

What my soul knows
is a conflict
yes it is
it is full of lies and the truth,
where fear of tomorrow eats my today
and yesterday has stamped
some shadows as a mark of a powerful fist.
yes, there is a conflict.

I struggle to mend the part
where it has lodged all
the conflicts
and then suddenly the messenger
of breaths comes and claims
the marks
in sighs so deep.

The body runs while at rest
the nerves, spine, bones
take part
to connect with the conflict
the war trumpet
of the yesterday ad tomorrow
shatters the today of my conflicted life.

The Soul of empathy comes to the rescue
tries to tell the truth
of the broken, pushed, dead and gone
running from conflicts,
an invisible myself smashes the hammer
and shuts the one who was there to rescue

Alone, broken in deep sleep
trying to remove the zone of conflict
by remembering the same

Teary eyes, wet hands with sweat and
body fragile,
let me collect all broken pieces together
mashed by me
by some other
and some unknown
the thoughts reconstruct the conflict
and in the cage
the body wants to spend time
and the soul wants to go

Let live in the prevailing
tides of sea
that has to make memories to stay

Let it make some conflict
that can mend the way
to show
the tides
how to make sorrows float
and souls sing the peace and love

The Conflict will be there
let you create a tide of hope


Jatinder Singh

Very well Quoted…!!
We definitely have the power to rise above any Conflict.


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