The Boy With a Broken Heart – Book Review

The Boy With a Broken Heart – Book Review

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29 Apr, 2021

The book which I started when I was somewhat free after checking the cover photo of the book. Yes, it is true I started this without knowing what the book is all about. But when I started reading it, I forgot where I am sitting and my food also. The story was so touching and full of suspense that I wanted to read more and more. I was feeling like I am in Dehradhun with the characters, walking and sipping tea with them.

This book is sequel of “The boy who loved” The story was making me feel that I am reaching at the end but it never went the same way I thought of, the strong feel of story was so much emotional and lovable.

Title: The Boy with a Broken Heart
Author: Durjoy Datta
Publisher: Penguin
Date Published: November 15 2017
Language: English
Number of Pages: 240
Genre: Romance
ISBN: 9780143426585
My Rating: 4  ****

Starting –

The story starts with a girl Advaita who is one of the main characters of the story, the girl who made us to reveal the story of Raghu. Yes, Raghu is the boy whose story is this, who is the boy with a broken heart. Advaita’s life was not good as her mother, sister and she himself had to face the abuses and worst treatment by his aunt and grandfather. Their story shows the face of society which is a black spot on humanity.

The Brahmi death has made Raghu feel lost from his own world leaving his family in Delhi and shifting to Dehradhun. The story revolves around Raghu and Advaita, their journeys, the bhrami’s death and then Advaita’s dark phase when she was made to roam with a boy who was their to marry her, a villan of the story which was chosen by her aunt (bua) for the sake of greed.

A strong girl Advaita and a boy with a broken heart Raghu made me feel to imagine every little act of them. The way our society thinks is penned down in a society. It is must read one to have a feel that we should break the evil society barriers. The topic of homosexuality is also picked up in this story. So if I say this book is full of inspiration, society barriers, greed, love and sacrifice.

The way of writing is a great one and an easily read, very much unique story. The end is unpredictable which made it a unique story. I can say it made me the fan of Durjoy Dutta.


Climax of the story is not a predictable one, I am waiting to read the next part as soon as possible. Climax is a crap one if I be genuine as it hurts.

End that hurts –

‘You were . . . you died.’ ‘Rishab and Sahil told him I died. I wasn’t meant to survive anyway,’ said the girl. ‘These are details for another time. I need to meet you. We need to find Raghu.’ I knew what I had to do .

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