Sukhmani Sahib Part 3

Sukhmani Sahib Part 3

Sukhmani Sahib Part 3 : Sukhmani Sahib is recorded in Guru Granth Sahib from page (Ang) 262 onwards. In the first three Ashtapadis the glorification of One Single Timeless Being (Akal Purakh) and by meditating on His Name the transformation that can be effected in personal development is elaborated. This is pure spiritual guidance that a wandering and restless soul can make use of to achieve harmony and peace in one’s life. The Ashtapadis begin with the praise of only One Lord for all humanity whom Guru Nanak calls Ek Onkar. The Only One undivided Lord can be obtained with the grace of True Guru. Ashtapadi begins and ends with shlok and the beginning shlok says; I bow to thee, O Primordial Lord. I bow to thee, O Lord who is there from the beginning. I pay obeisance to the True, venerable Divine Guru.

Ashtapadis begin (Pad -1):

Meditate on His Name (GOD). By meditating on His Name you will attain peace and efface from within the strife and anguish. Recite and praise on His Name who is the only Supreme Support of this world. His various Names are being recited by the countless number of people. Even the Vedas, Puranas, and Smritis have created One Word of Lord’s Name. When He (God) places an atom like a particle of His existence in somebody’s heart, his greatness cannot be counted. O Lord saves Nanak with those, your graces, which are desirous of Your Name alone.

In Sukhmani is the joy raining nectarine Name of The Lord II

There is peace within the mind of Lord’s devotees II RahaoII

Astapadi 1 (Pad 2);

By meditating on Lords Name – man enters not the womb (Freed from the cycle of rebirth), the torture at death flees, the enemy keeps away, all the obstacles are removed, man becomes watchful day and night, fear overtakes the senses, sorrows trouble no more, meditating Lord’s Name in the company of pious people, all the wealth O Nanak is in attaining God’s Love.

(Pad -3)

 By meditating on Lord’s Name all mythical powers, all mental powers and nine treasures (of Kuber) are attained, man obtains Divine knowledge, contemplation and essence of wisdom, man obtains devotion,  penance and worship, the duality of mind vanishes and man obtains the merit of bathing at holy places of pilgrimage. The mortals obtain the honour in His Court, man gets the bliss, and blossoms come to fruit.

Pad – 4.

 Meditation of His Name comes to those whom The Lord Himself wishes to remember on His Name, Nanak touches the feet of all those exalted to this position by Him. Reciting on Lord’s Name is highest of all, many have been saved, thirst is quenched, many come to the knowledge of everything, the fear of death is removed, the desires are fulfilled, the filth of the mind is removed and the ambrosial Name of the Lord is absorbed in the heart. The honourable Lord abides on the tongue of His devotees (when malice, hatred, and negativity is removed the tongue speaks only well). Nanak is the slave of Lord’s slaves (who have established Him in their hearts).

(Pad -5).

They who remember the Lord are; rich, honourable, distinguished, free of want, Kings of all, dwell in peace, become immortal forever. They take to the meditation of His Name whom He becomes merciful. Nanak begs for the dust of their feet who have become His servants,

Sukhmani Sahib Part 3 by Rajinder Kaur Johal on Life Cornify

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