Stay positive – it always wins

Stay positive – it always wins

One of the greatest personality traits we all should have is Being positive in life. Having a positive attitude doesn’t mean that you start ignoring the difficulties coming in your way, it helps you to change your viewpoint towards it. Its simply training your mind to look forward to getting promising and advantageous results rather than worrying and thinking negatively about the daily affairs of our lives. We are going to face many troubles and difficulties in every stage of life which will result in expressing dissatisfaction every time.

There will be unease and annoyance as we move forward in life and surely you all must have observed that all this leads us to address complaints and concerns And that’s how we start seeing negativity in everything around us with ample reasons for doing so. And this practice of complaining every time about everything makes us chronic complainers.

The worst part is this has no outcome, none of our problems get solved and we never come out of that phase. Isn’t it better that we change our perspective towards it because we cannot stop hard times to come but we can learn to deal with these, to fight against these, and solve.


It happens sometimes with all of us that we lose hope and feel like quitting when we don’t get the results we deserve, but is it correct that just because at some point the result was not what we expected and we give up and ruin all the hard work we have done. Every time the situation cannot be according to our expectations. There can be some unwanted turns or sometimes you will have to face a rough patch in your journey. We all plan to take our lives forward in the desired direction and some of those plans can fail as we all say life has some unwanted plans for us and its a part of being alive. 

If life is a journey, the baggage of struggles and problems will be there with you which cannot be thrown but can be learned from. Suppose, you are driving a car to reach your destination and you see heavy traffic or maybe a pothole in a road. So what do we do in such situations, do we stop there and do nothing to move ahead. We have to take some unexpected turns in such circumstances, maybe we look for some other way or road which takes us to our destination but we never stop, likewise, we should never get disappointed or disheartened instead be strong enough to find some other way or options to reach your goals.

I see students who work so hard to score good grades, employees working so hard to get a remarkable appraisal and marvelous opportunities, and sometimes their hard work does not pay off instantly but sooner or later it does. In times of difficulties, our minds instantly start thinking in a negative direction and we start complaining about what we had not achieved.


We all work so hard with all the determination and focus to achieve something in life. And if after having all the patience and following all these, challenges still come in our way, and sometimes we fail and become hopeless. And this hopeless surely take us to nowhere and we get nothing but surely a little bit of positivity can change this. I have experienced this feeling of working so hard and not achieving what I deserve but this has never stopped me from working hard to achieve it certainly.

Remember we used to learn chemical reactions in our school days. For instance, hydrogen gas can react with oxygen gas to form water under favorable conditions. And what if the conditions are not favorable, we may not get the desired outcome, closely happens with us, when we work hard so much to accomplish our goals, sometimes circumstances are not in our favor. Steadily circumstances come in our favor too and that day our hard work will yield the desired outcome. Our hard work never gets wasted, it is going to make a difference in our lives and provide us the best of everything. Losing hope and quitting is the easiest thing to do during failures, all we have to have faith and hope for the best to happen with us with a positive attitude. It’s just like the push to move ahead and work even harder to get success. Hopelessness is baggage that only weighs you down but you don’t have to lean down, you have to get rid of this burden and build a stronger version of you. 

We have always been listening that the darkest hour is just before the dawn and then a beautiful morning always soothes us. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, we simply need to walk ahead towards the end of the tunnel. Stopping in the middle and becoming hopeless will never take us to the end of the tunnel and we are going to miss that sparkling light. Defeating your biggest enemy hopelessness is the biggest step towards your success, learn to get up, start fighting against it and you are already close to the highest peak. You need to remind yourself every time that it’s only you who has all the control over your thoughts and there is no place for negativity in that.

Things get better one day, don’t quit so easily, we all have that ability to bounce back. Keep working !!

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