Practice what you preach

Practice what you preach

Practice what you preach: Every other person we meet in our lives is an individual with unique experiences, beliefs, ideology, thoughts. Often we face a contradiction between what we say and what we do. Sometimes, we see differences in what we believe and how we behave. We never prefer a checklist for our actions to verify whether they truly match with what we believe. Many times, our friends and families come to us with their problems and ask for advice and vice versa. But do we ever abide by our advice and act the same?
Isn’t it like painting a wall with a notice of telling people not to paint and keep it clean? Giving advice to others is the easiest thing for all of us. Sharing plenty of good thoughts on social media is our favourite task, no? We never keep a check on ourselves if we truly follow that in our lives. However, for our ease, we change our beliefs depending upon the situation.

Introspection has no end

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom might suit each one of us. Whatever is preached, its practice slips and thus the beliefs are lost. When we want to teach some good thing to our kids, we just preach them with a list of good habits, why don’t we start doing the same activities?.
Since childhood, we have started this trend of following every other action which we see our adults doing. Preaching to others not to lie and lying ourselves does not make us spread good thoughts.
We are living in an era where posting good thoughts on our social media handlers is way more important than implementing those. It has become a mandatory thing to speak about good things more than doing good things.
If you are asking others to exercise better do it, your actions will speak louder than your words. Sometimes all we need is to take our own advice. What we know is good for others, isn’t the same best for us. Why not start with ourselves first, others will start following on their own.
Always assuming that we understand the dynamics of everything thoroughly never helps and is of no use unless you adapt those.

Introspection, Practice what you preach
Introspection has no end – Practice what you preach

Small practice is worth more than tons of preaching

Your beliefs will not make you a wonderful person, but definitely your actions and behaviour do. Watching your actions before delivering a thousand words of good thoughts will surely impact your surroundings. You will spread good vibes by what you do not by what you just keep on telling. Practical is true rest everything is simply facts or principles. People will not love you for what you say, instead, they will look for you if you really do something right. Sometimes situations in life become our best teacher and you will learn to focus more on doing rather than saying. Discover yourself first, go deep into yourself, that’s where you can find the dirt, clean it first then spread the good.
When you preach ask yourself if this is so good for others, shouldn’t it be adapted by you first? After all, we ourselves are our first priority. Why put ourselves last, let’s start with cleaning our own backyard. 

Small practice is worth more than tons of preaching
Small practice is worth more than tons of preaching – Practice what you preach

Take a step to fix the contradiction first

Ask yourself a question before making a statement or suggesting others, Am I following this, do my actions go inline with this? If we notice our actions, definitely you have got a key to resolve your contradiction.Recognize what is true, it may be difficult to implement but trying never fails.
Your mind will make you inclined to sacrificing beliefs because we find it difficult to change our behaviour. This will prevent the gaps in your actions and principles, but that does not make you actions right.
Begin with a brief step, start changing your habits. Ask yourselves questions before doing.

Practice what you preach
Take a step to fix the contradiction first – Practice what you preach

Start with yourself first

If we successfully train our mind to figure out what’s right and stick to it in whatever situation we are in, we have got control of ourselves completely. That’s the first step towards success.
If we cannot implement what we teach, others will not even start doing it. Do good to yourself, prove your facts right and people will start trusting after seeing you succeed.
The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others. People who teach others can be found easily, it’s hard to find those who preach what they say, and that’s the beauty of learning.
Together we can learn and develop so many pleasant habits in our behaviour and slowly all this reaches to every corner. 
Whoever you meet in life, try to find those small things which you find good in them, take a note of it. Remind yourself regularly to act on it, that’s how you remember only the actions, not the facts and principles written and forced on you.
You can spread the good vibes even with your small act, which a big note with heavy words cannot.
Let’s learn together and make the society a better place with not just the facts and beliefs but with the actions. 

Start with yourself first
Start with yourself first – Practice what you preach



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