This paltry word has a deep meaning if you start finding it. It’s an emotion which is not just a silent and quiet environment. Peace is actually when you set yourself free from all the disturbances and get the freedom from all the chaos. Your happiness is directly related to the inner peace, the more peace you find within you the happier you will be.

Inner peace is the state when a person feels calm both psychologically and spiritually despite the stress in the outside world.

Sometimes we mistake and start finding peace in the outside world, eventually all we get a moment full of joy but no satisfaction and calm. The chaos still disturbs us and our mind lose focus.

So when you stay, I just need to have some peace, what you do just free yourself from people around you and go to a place where you are all alone, but do you realize that do you really sit alone, no, you are never alone, your thoughts, the disturbance keeps you bothering, you still feel engaged to those disturbing elements which haunt you. This is not peace, it’s just being alone.

If you really want peace, it’s not just the people you need to free yourself from but also the thoughts and everything that disturbs you. You will achieve inner peace when you reach your calm centre and get connected to Divine. 

Balancing your mind, body and soul and living in the present moment

You cannot find peace if your mind, body and soul are not in co-ordination. In such a fast running world, finding your inner peace is a challenge, sometimes your mind keeps on running in a different direction and is not in sync with your actions. This busy schedule has landed you in a situation that you are physically present at some place but your soul and mind don’t accompany you.

Finding peace within you is a choice which depends upon your choice of actions in day-to-day life. Make balancing your lifestyle and tune in with the harmony of this beautiful universe.
When your thoughts, actions and words are in harmony, your mind starts functioning in the right direction and your body gets in tune with the actions of a universe which definitely will lead you to success in whatever you do.

Most of us worry about the future and the things which are not in our control. When such feelings come to your mind, ask yourself is there anything I can do to control my future, is worrying about solving my problems.

Life is all the actions you do in present, what you think and what you feel in the current moment. Prefer to act only in now. These actions will lead to your future and decide how it would be. Only thinking and worrying won’t contribute to making it bright. There is no point destroying your present just for the sake of a future to which you have no control. If your mind is not fully focussed and aware of all the intentions and actions, your mission won’t be accomplished.

All this confusion and disturbance results from stress we feel, shouldn’t we start working on removing it? We deserve this valuable inner peace. 
In fact, if you peacefully start analysing your problem with a balanced mind and soul, the solution is just a step away and it will solve your problem.

Balancing your mind, body and soul - PEACE COMES FROM WITHIN
Balancing your mind, body – PEACE COMES FROM WITHIN

Being true to yourself – No Pretensions

Often we allow others to dictate our choices, but do they really matter? Is it right to quit something which you love, but society does not approve of it or does not find that impressive.
This idea of pretending to others and fooling yourself is so stressful that you forget to live your life to the fullest. This stress causes and inevitable pain, but there are options to deal with the suffering.

Accepting what you are, what you have and what your choices will cultivate the sense of inner peace. Do all that is required to make you happy. Choose what feels best to you. Don’t chase what looks fancy to you, 
chase what’s most important to you and you are on the shortest route to peace within you.

Being true to yourself - No Pretensions - PEACE COMES FROM WITHIN
Being true to yourself – No Pretensions – PEACE COMES FROM WITHIN

Being in Harmony with yourself

This material world has a never-ending stream of worry, anxiety, greed, desire and hatred which forces us to get stressed over things which are actually not in our control.
Success is nothing if you have destroyed and lost your inner peace. You can be in harmony even if you have less, but peacefully. Shouldn’t this be the new milestone of this journey?

Try to make yourself a priority, stop pleasing others, drop the idea of making others happy at the cost of mental peace. But yes, If doing something for others make you happy. Just do it. Sometimes, doing something good really gives you satisfaction, which is priceless. Moto is, our actions should be inline to our happiness. This is all what matters and what gives you the ultimate peace.

I have also gone through a long list of actions which need to be done to achieve peace but honestly experienced, no list of actions can give us satisfaction and that peace which can be achieved by doing what you love.

This is the ultimate thumb rule, do what all makes you happy. This happiness is a recent trend. Nothing can give more happiness to a dancer which dance can, painting to a painter.
If you love something just do it, don’t quit it for any reasons. Your peace lies in happiness. Listen to your heart and follow it. If yoga, meditation or doing exercise makes you happy, practice it daily.

I believe we all can find a best friend within us, and this friend will always lead to the right path. Never lose yourself, this is the most precious thing you have. 
Connect with yourself stronger, that’s where all the peace is.

Being in Harmony with yourself
Being in Harmony with yourself – PEACE COMES FROM WITHIN

Life cannot be perfect, but it can be peaceful with our actions.





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