My Companion

My Companion

26 Apr, 2020

No matter what I do,
no matter where I am,
No matter what my thoughts are,
no matter what I Plan.
It does not matter where and when
God is always there, now and then.
I cannot hide anything from him,
He knows me well.
My life is a mystery living under His spell.

He knew my good, my bad and worst.
yet He is with me everywhere, I trust.
He holds me; He pats me; He makes me strong.
I don’t do good, still; He is with me in every throng.

The one who will be there if I betray
He is there and will always stay.
I just call him mine, my soul,
my consciousness, my friend
He alone is the one who has no end.

His love cannot be created or destroyed
My relationship with Him will never be devoid!!
The one I knew standing with me all the time,
Just His name in my heart, mind, and soul
only He is calm, rest the entire world is a burning bowl.

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Pramveer singh

Very true sir.
Nice lines.

Jatinder Singh

True..!! He is the creator of this universe, without his blessings we stand no where.

Paramjeet Singh


Ramandeep Kaur

Nice one deep and meaning full


Beautifully written

Amrit Kaur

Truely beautiful lines 👌👍

Sukhbeer kaur

Without his blessings we are nothing


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