MEDITATION AND MIND- go hand in hand

MEDITATION AND MIND- go hand in hand

MEDITATION And MIND- go hand in hand : The mind is the most complex and powerful organ of the human body. It has to play a lot with our feelings, our happiness, our sadness, anxiety, our fears- in fact with everything single emotion which we feel. So, let’s learn how to tackle this complex entity and make it our friend and keep it under our control.

The mind is like the storeroom of our house. What we do with the storeroom, things what we feel are not required or needed at that time, we just throw them into the storeroom and pile it up with one over another. In fact, when we need something from that storeroom, we never find it. Now relate these unwanted things to our memories- negative ones. Those memories which once gave us pain, made us cry, or we felt embarrassment sometimes or may be guilty! Every negative emotion is piled up one over another with every passing day into this storeroom(mind). Instead of cleaning this filth(negativity), you know what we do with it??  – we ponder about it and either relate it to our past or think about future insecurities based upon it (which don’t even exist).

Today we will learn the techniques to clean this dirt and make our mind empty and fill it with happiness, joy and peace.! For now, let’s have a look at the term – MEDITATION.


Many of us have heard about it but may not have acted upon it. Because either we are occupied with office work or personal! So gradually what we miss is those few moments for ourselves which helps us in cleaning our own thought process. This article is all about the journey within us, which if we felt can create wonders and gives you that power to fight all odds of life. We have no control over the situations or the people around us , but definitely we could learn how to control our own mind so it should not affect our own happiness and peace.

Let us stay at peace all the time. Just imagine how it feels to be at peace all the time !. You know what the peace, happiness, joy, love which we are seeking outside is within us. Even after being aware of this, we never dive deep into this ocean of love. So, let’s have this ride of self-journey!

Answer my simple question (you may think in your mind) what unique sources of energy for us are:-
1. Nutritious food/water
2. Excercise.
3. may be a walk with nature
4. following your passion or hobby (Read more on this in this article).

I think many of us thought the same. Yes, all of them gives us energy. Right???
hold on..we missed out something very important—that thing without which we can’t survive for a single second – we all forget to value that… any guesses?? ..’BREATH’ ( saans) .. we can hardly survive for minutes without it. This is the most valuable asset God has given up. And this thread of breath ties us from outside to inside.
Pause for a moment and observe the pattern of your breath with keeping your eyes closed. There is the incoming breath which gives you vital energy and there is an outgoing breath which takes all your pains and worries and removes all the toxins. Repeat it and take more deep breaths and feel the flow of energy going inside.

Do write in the comment box how you felt.

Golden sutras to apply when you feel situations are not favoring you (MEDITATION And MIND- go hand in hand):

1. Never try to argue over the mistake. – It just happened instead of getting to the root of it, try pondering over its solutions. It happened and became the moment of the past.

MEDITATION And MIND- go hand in hand

2. All the feelings are important – This means good comes with bad, the day comes with night; the light comes with dark, happiness comes with sadness. There is no taste of happiness if you were never sad before.
So be patient, situations won’t be the same again. Things would definitely change.

MEDITATION And MIND- go hand in hand

3. Let people have their own opinion, don’t get affected by it. What matters is your own belief about yourself. What you feel about yourself. Just love yourself the way you are. You are the best and you are special!

MEDITATION And MIND- go hand in hand

4. Always live in the present moment. It’s pointless to think about the past which doesn’t even matter now. Don’t think what will happen in future as you have no control over it. Just go with the flow and enjoy this beautiful ride. Life is a precious gift of God – make the best out of it.

MEDITATION And MIND- go hand in hand

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