Maybe, you need some rest. Happiness is not what you believe

Maybe, you need some rest. Happiness is not what you believe

I’ve read about it a lot and heard a lot about it, but I never paid attention to it. Please read the article and leave your feedback. Read about you missing your happiness.

I’ve seen and read numerous times that everyone’s health should come first. But I always chose to ignore this reality and focus on tasks that were less important as compared to my health.

I made an effort to write and produce content well into the night as well as in my meager leisure time. I stopped eating on time, exercising, and sleeping.

I didn’t care if it was 1 in the morning; doing my sprint tasks was my top priority. My food and sleep went unnoticed. I frequently skipped lunch in order to attend meetings that I could reschedule.

When I wasn’t feeling well, I was hesitant to request a sick day and instead focused on finishing the tasks that were allocated to me.

When I wanted to influence others, making an Instagram post took precedence. The hot tea turned cold, but I was preoccupied with creating some haiku poetry for other people.

My guiding principle was to focus on creating content for YouTube, blog @lifecornify posts, new certificates to upgrade my skills, doing work by the deadline, and ignoring my health at all times.

Nobody forced me into doing this, either. There was just me. Work-life balance was a top concern for even the organizations I worked with. But I always made an effort to accomplish something extraordinary.

I became more anxious as I read about investing and saw videos about it since I thought when I can start this

I was receiving few followers on social media platforms, and this was disturbing me at night as well.

As a result, I couldn’t sleep. I was in mental and spiritual pain. My health began to deteriorate. I was becoming frail, and anxiety was pounding on my door. I couldn’t speak to anyone about it. I was losing myself. I was becoming rude and in getting caught in the cage of depression.

I learned lessons and missed the fun that I had lost somewhere in the midst of all the hustle and bustle.

To get around all of this, I used Google Calendar. I meticulously planned each and every task. I removed the ones that were unworthy. Everything was prioritized, but my health was the most important. Everything I have to share on social media was created and managed by me.

Every time sprint planning occurred, I prioritized my office tasks. When the need for time arose, I said no.

My achievement was to eat lunch and dinner on time. Exercise was the catalyst for many positive changes in my life.

Time management enabled me to spend more time with my family. I enjoyed playing with my little baby boy. I had missed some of life’s most peaceful moments.
I can do everything now, but only after making plans. I can take care of myself and be happy.
Take care of your life and your life will love you 💕. What matters the most is your happiness and you will be happy when you are fit and fine.

Story someone shared with me recently.

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