Love Has no Perfect Definition

Love Has no Perfect Definition

A great life has so many key ingredients where Love is one of the aspects. Faith and trust are its pillars. We can feel its presence all around us.
We start experiencing love from the day we are born. The first love in each one of our lives is the love we receive from our mothers.
This is the true love at first sight, an unconditional love. It’s a different affection that a mother gives to a child. And then you feel occurrences of affections in life.

If we go on finding a definition for Love, we may get many or maybe each one of us will define love differently. No perfect definition exists for Love and that is because we all love a different person or have a different relationship full of love. When we say, we love our parents, respect and their happiness become the synonyms to Love and when it comes to our friends, the friendship becomes the purest love and understanding each other defines love. When you think about your soulmate, a romantic feeling with intense emotions surrounds you and when we talk about better half, compatibility becomes the definition of love. But there is just one thing in common, deep interpersonal affection. Love is an affirmative feeling of affection towards someone or something. When you feel an intense feeling of attachment and care between two people irrespective of all the parameters and measures, you experience a sight of love. It’s woven into all of us as we all have this feeling for someone or something in life. Sometimes, our passion becomes our love and sometimes our work. Every single person you know will have a different way of showing love and different versions of how they define love.

Falling in love is a wonderful experience but at times a difficult process too, for Love is something which is both healthy or unhealthy. There comes a phase in each one of our lives where love changes its meaning and sometimes loses its meaning. And this is quite frequent where we all are bombarded with negativities and difficulties in our relationships, making us lose the perception of love.

The way love is idealized to us, the high expectations always let us imagine a beautiful picture of love. However, there are some harsh facts associated with it. Some of the problems in relationships are because of the unrealistic assumptions that we develop about love.
When someone falls in love with a person who is contradictory in every way, there are chances of their relationship getting sabotaged.
Those in the relationship might have different priorities and ambitions in life and handling this sometimes becomes a serious problem. Sometimes, the two persons in a relationship have different beliefs about certain things, they see the universe with a different viewpoint which completely conflicts with each other. Such situations when not handled with a good sense of maturity can destroy all the happiness and makes life difficult instead of making it beautiful. This becomes toxic when the feelings are not mutual and we tend to fall in love with a person who has no such feelings for us,  doesn’t have the same respect or attachment as we have for them.
In a short time, this delightful feeling will become unpleasing and turn into a disastrous one.

Love can be unhealthy too
Sometimes, we develop such strong feelings for someone that we tend to forget ourselves, and suddenly all that matters to us is their happiness and everything about them only. And then this feeling inside us will force us to that verge where we will be doing every little thing to make them happy. And why would we do this? Just to impress them with the hope that all these efforts will develop the same feelings for us. If you are lucky enough, that person can help you handle this situation with a positive approach thereby preventing you from making your life full of troubles. If not, you keep on practicing this over the limit and all this soon turns into an obsession. You start living in a world of your intuitions. At some point, when nothing will work as you expected, you start feeling bad and your emotions would complicate this more. Suddenly all those things which you were doing with all your happiness will become a battlefield. All the fantasies make you lose over and over again. If you do everything for others and their happiness, at some point this will make you an unhappy person and you won’t find it worthy enough. Eventually, all these will destroy your self-worth and you start questioning yourself for all the wrongs done to you. Don’t let yourself land into such situations and destroy your life. Always treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. If being with a person costs your self-respect and dignity, it’s not worthy. It’s rightly said, “Pyaar me sauda nahi”.

Even when there is a mutual feeling and after all the sacrifices you do, you experience a failed relationship. One can experience heartbreak and results in mental health implications. And once you experience a bad relationship, you tend to doubt every other person you meet. You stop believing in love. You start finding faults in every relationship. Some go through toxic relationships and some experience failed marriages which have some serious repercussions.
Some get hurt so much and become emotionally weak. Some turn their bad experience into good and learn from their mistakes. They understand that it’s not the relationship or marriage which is wrong, it was the phase of their life which was rough and or maybe the person was not suitable for them. They give themselves a chance and learn from their past experiences resulting in a better version of themselves. And it all starts with treating yourself with love, respect, and gentleness that you deserve.

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is difficult.
A smooth relationship is an outcome of the equally supportive and emotional attachment of two persons not giving up on each other. It does not mean that they have no flaws or imperfections, it means the feelings and deep connection they share is above all the differences they have.
Nothing makes your life more beautiful and happier than this.
And when you find true love, a companion, or a soulmate, your life becomes ecstatic. You experience a positive change in all aspects of your life.

So if you have a true friend, a soulmate, or a companion who truly loves you, you have got more than enough in life. This is the best experience life can offer. Respect the one who loves you, and treasure all the love you receive, it’s the best gift to have.
Love your parents, siblings, friends, and everyone important to you in life. Love is everywhere, you just need to feel it.

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