Life – Peace and Happiness

Life – Peace and Happiness

Life – Peace and Happiness, Life is a blessing. We all work day and night to reach our goals. What most of us think is that if we reach our goals we will be happy, we will be at peace then.
However, is this true?. We see individuals chuckling, getting a charge out of certain minutes. Would they say they are happy?
We ourselves are socially happy, enjoying posting pictures in our favourite restaurants, on holiday packages, etc., etc.

Is it accurate to say that we are glad?. After accomplishing one aim of life or many objectives, would we say it fulfils us?. Here and there we feel alone in a vast crowd.

We are conversing with individuals, to our relatives, to our friends and family, yet at the same time, we don’t discuss what we feel. We are using an undetectable cover to conceal our sentiments.
Why?. Why we don’t discuss what we consider. For what reason don’t we share what is frequenting us? 

If we cannot share or talk about it. We can write. Believe me, much of the stress is out when you write.

Never let negative words enter your mind and then you started living with those. You are worthy and if you are confident no negative word will ever come to shake your mind.

The three basic points about Life- Peace and Happiness I would like to write are :

1. Negative words

There are many times when individuals from various strolls have applauded my composition, my sonnets, two-line shayari and afterwards there are rare sorts of people who have remarked that I don’t have the foggiest idea What to compose, I can’t compose, I am carrying on a bogus dream. Trust me, I grin and afterwards examine their sites, profiles and stories to check the amount they know about me.

Do they know me or have they read anything about what I have written till now. I don’t care about their words, believe me,  I message them to state them thank you so much. You helped a lot. Then they ask their friends to tell me the same so I can turn from where I have started. Until then, I have just didn’t care about their words. But when I receive common messages from branches of the same tree, then my confidence gets boosted, that I might have written something good or I am accomplishing something acceptable that they are making a decent attempt. 

Even writing is still not my profession, but I love to write. It is my passion. How can anyone stop a lover from loving his girl or her boy? This is just an example that negative things come when we let them in.

I have perused a couple of lines from the book “Wake up life is calling ” of @preetishenoy, the lines are presently in my words, not as precise as were written in the book.  “On the off chance that somebody reveals to you that your hair colour is blue, will you trust them?” Obviously not, because they are not blue. This is their discernment. These lines are from the conversation of Ankita and Mrs Hayden in the book.

Thus, what I needed to state is If somebody comes and discloses to you that you are useless. Why you give it space into your brain. Grin and express gratitude toward them.  Try not to stop what you are doing. Do it with more love that your work is being taken note. If someone truly believes to help you in achieving something, the actions will speak, the way of making you understand will speak.

For me, composing is my fantasy, I mostly converse with myself while I compose. I am composing from when I was in my school. I still remember I always had a small diary to write about my days, my friends, my parents. As I moved to college, I had a notebook and that same notebook is with me till now. I have written some poems at that time and today when I read them I can’t believe that I have written all that. Some are funny, but that were the best at that time, and some poems are literally the best ones. I can imagine what I wanted to say. How I have portrayed my feelings in words. 

I am not a famous writer or a renowned Poet, however, yes I compose what I feel. I don’t use such an extensive amount as a decent jargon, however, the basic words are sufficient to cause somebody to feel life. Along these lines, in the event that somebody makes a decision about this fantasy of mine, I will love to get it judged so I will work more on it to make it the best one. Try not to get another person’s words to let you feel in any case. It is just dependent upon us to be upbeat, to be certain. Be consistent with yourself.

Try not to consider others, let them live in their observation. Advance toward fly high.

Don't let negativity enter your mind. (Life - Peace and Happiness)
Don’t let negativity enter your mind. (Life – Peace and Happiness)
2. Loneliness

How will you feel if you are in a party with a DJ so loud and drinks everywhere? But still, you feel alone, and in search of some peace. Sometimes many of us feel the same.

We sit with companions, hear them, chuckle with them however didn’t let them come inside us and see what is going behind this grinning face. We are battling with our life so much that we overlook that we have a family, they are anxious to get notification from us. A few times we dread that what they will think about us, what people will say that we feel alone. Nobody is with us.

I have gotten the hang of something great that I need to share.

  • When there is no one, HE is there. Who right?. HE is the one with you. The incomparable one. HE can hear you out and won’t judge since HE knows it all. You need to give up your inclination to HIM. HE isn’t among us who deceive, who talk behind the back. It will calm you to let HIM know. You will feel light after talking those words that are stuck in your heart.
  • The second thing is to use a diary, notes for yourself. Write a note to yourself daily if you feel something. Answers will come automatically from your mind for every problem you wanted to share. Try this, you will love this one. This is the first weapon I use when I feel different.
Loneliness (Life - Peace and Happiness)
Talk to your loved ones, Write a journal. (Life – Peace and Happiness)
3. False Happiness

We think when we reach our goals, when we achieve our dream, we will be happy. This is the problem with us all. But can we question ourselves after we achieve our first dream and still are wandering for something. Something that is still empty. We wander for more, cheer outside; we celebrate sometimes but still, we are not at peace. The dreams get changed with time or when we achieve one and then other. We lack inner peace, the happiness of mind and body. 

Let me give you a case of myself…

At the point when I was a child, I generally accepted that when I will be a young person, I can do numerous things myself and afterwards I will be acceptable and glad. I won’t rely upon others much. At that point when I was in the eighth class, my parents used to advise me to understand more, buckle down in this class and afterwards you will be in ninth class. You need not buckle down at that point. The same also fascinated me and when I was in 10th, they repeated the same words before me; I have to concentrate only on 10th exams and then Life will be beautiful. But then things always changed as I moved to upper classes.

Most interesting was that when you will clear 12th with flying colors, you will get easy admission to any good medical or engineering college. I thought, maybe I will be then a free bird. But when I entered an engineering college, life was very much different from I had heard. On every step, the barrier of my inner happiness was changing.
After getting an engineering degree, life was extreme, not straightforward. I summarized all the things and found that I generally ran behind the bliss that is only for a couple of seconds, it won’t keep going for a long. Same is the situation with numerous others. We have not known the significance of life or bliss.

Joy isn’t getting your preferred food or going on a vacation trip with your family, companions or love however it is internal harmony we need, the satisfaction our brain is meandering of. We rely upon circumstances for our joy and run afterwards false happiness that will vanish easily.

Many of us never think about our internal harmony, and never pondered the joy is inside us, bolted it and began looking it outside. Circumstances cannot be controlled and that drives us to stress and tension. The paramount is that we should control our psyche, investigate our spirit and find a sense of contentment. 

Because of these conditions, we are in a state of mood disorder and we call this a depression. Depression is nothing but a feeling of sadness, loneliness and anger due to some situations or people around us. 

Happiness lies within yourself (Life - Peace and Happiness)
Happiness lies within yourself (Life – Peace and Happiness)

We can kill this stress in distinct ways. I will highlight a few that are very easy for everyone. (Life – Peace and Happiness)

  1. Be with someone who is there for you. Who can help you, make you more strong in this? Who can hear you with much interest? Not only a speaker who can be a superb listener. Who should not judge you on your words? The one person can be from your family, your love, a friend, any counsellor or it can be a teacher/preacher, anyone, you can trust.
  2. Try to help someone with gardening or you yourself can start the same. It will connect you to nature and help you remove negativity.
  3. Volunteer in some pleasant work where you can help people in unique ways. This will give you relief.
  4. Go for a walk with your friends or a family member.
  5. Discuss something good on the dinner table with your family members.
  6. Go for lunch or a coffee with friends.
  7. Try some exercise with others.
  8. Try to do things that make you happy
  9. Write a note to yourself daily.
  10. Have a video call with your friends.

These are few points, many more can be there to come out of the negativity. Surround your self with positive people. Talk to people. Don’t let some negative words come into your mind. 


Vikram Manhas

Amazing points. You have pointed out the reality of a common man. The beliefs of being happy and free after a certain period of time is false until it is inner peace.


good written…………………………


pinpoint view….which totally describe the present situation……………….


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