Inner beauty lives forever

Inner beauty lives forever

Inner beauty lives forever :
Each one of us has a unique perspective for beauty, which is substantially correct. Some are more focussed on looks whereas some prefer to look for generosity and modesty of a person. But genuine beauty comes from within. We should be more focussed about the qualities that enhance our inner beauty.

The outer beauty will be washed off your face, but the good heart will shine brighter and brighter always. It’s our good deeds that remain with us for eternity. With all the good looks, you can be beautiful at a young age which eventually will fade as you grow old.

However, we still choose to improve our looks and outer personality instead of focussing more on inner beauty and bringing in good qualities which really matters to lead a beautiful life.

All this while, we had never thought of that we are working more for an asset which will be depreciated with time.

Think of all the beauty which lies within you, not in how you look, not in your prettiness. Just in being what you are, how much rich profusion of kindness you possess.

Don’t you worry, nobody is perfect

There was a time when I used to pay a lot of attention to my beauty, my complexion, my face and everything about how I look. For obvious reasons,
I was not beautiful with many problems with my face. I did not have an attractive face shape; it wasn’t normal; it was irregular because I didn’t have a vision in my one eye.

The list of problems did not end here. I had a congenital nevus on my left cheek, which was big enough to get noticed by people. My childhood and adolescence was a complete mess with different thoughts of embarrassment and unease. It was thoroughly miserable with people’s constant criticism. My own feelings for myself was an add-on to this unfortunate feeling within me.

It’s not always the words, people come to you and convey it to you to make you feel bad. Sometimes their actions are more than enough to make you realize that you don’t completely belong to their group.

If it’s not others who make you feel unsettled, then it will be your thoughts that will contribute to this disquieted feeling because your thoughts and mind in blooming age are not that broad that you throw these reasons out of the window and fly high with no consent of others and their thoughts. Maybe elders in my family would have thoughts of difficulties in getting me married when I will be a grown-up.

At points, I used to feel that there must be something I wronged. And it’s a punishment given to me by God. I started questioning the almighty who created me the way I was. 
However, this practice gave me a very good habit of making the almighty a friend of mine. Who I assumed listens to my thoughts and questions. This made me a god loving person, not a god-fearing one.

I expected answers to all my questions, and I used to receive those in the form of good vibes sent to me from others. Sometimes from my family and sometimes my amazing friends.

With each passing day my thinking started changing, maybe my mind and thoughts were growing with my age or maybe it was almighty who was sending all the positivity and good vibes around me which I needed.

I was connecting with myself and realizing that we are somewhere imperfect and lack in one or the other things. Some are honoured with acceptable looks and others with significant characteristics which made them wonderful diversely. I realized that I was different, not worthless. Thanks to my families and friends who played an important role in enhancing self-confidence which I possess today and I believe, I won’t let it turn into overconfidence.

There were people around me who without knowing would give me a potent reason to believe in myself all over again. I was amusing, people loved sitting next to me and had a good time talking to me and 
I believe that was a wonderful quality God blessed me with. The definition of beautiful changed for me and I realized it is not always looks that make you charming.

It’s the qualities you possess that make you a beautiful creation of God. Genuinely, it’s more charming and attractive than those artificial traits.
Let me help you with a model, which I remind myself every day to myself on the off chance that I feel somewhat low. You are planning to buy a house, what points would you consider before buying?

It should have that much number of rooms required. The property should be situated in a convenient, safe and secured location, close to all local amenities. Rest of the interiors can be taken care of once all basic requirements are met. Or would you prefer buying a home which is beautifully painted, high-end interior decoration and has all the modern luxuries? I am certain all these can be dealt with once you have a home which satisfies all your essential needs.

Same goes with our life additionally, on the off chance that you have all the necessary characteristics in your conduct, your way of life, being excellent from outside can be accomplished without any problem.

Being classy is not wearing branded clothes, having luxurious items to show off, wearing expensive cosmetics or having a fair complexion. Your class is determined by your thoughts, your beliefs, and your actions.
If you reflect high standards of admiration and generosity and have a befitting shaped thoughts, progressive and receptive mind, you already are classy and amazing on your own.  

 Being classy and glowing with elegance is endless. Always wear confidence and grace and see how beautifully you can represent yourself.
Though after all these peaks and valleys, I opted for an artificial surgery to get rid of the birthmark I had which eventually I started admiring. I got a clean face and somewhat a good face cut as well. 

This option was not chosen because I got myself into the cage of being beautiful and wanted to enhance my looks. I was convinced to go for this option because I thought if there are problems, solutions for them are also clear. I had an issue, and I just wanted to resolve it and I found the solution just because I started considering this just as a problem, not a lack in my life which cannot be filled.

This is how I focussed first on achieving what is more important for a healthy lifestyle. I realized this deal is way more amazing than spending all my quality time for an artificial charm and beauty which will eventually fade. It wasn’t a worthy proposal to sign and get myself into an imaginary world of happiness.

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Nobody is perfect : Inner beauty lives forever
Appearance is changing, it’s not forever

If you seriously start looking for actual needs in life. It’s simple just be the way you are, recognise your potential, develop good habits and good qualities. This is how you become beautiful from inside.
Being beautiful does not need a face with makeup. Wearing a fake smile but a good heart with selfless love and a genuine smile. Being beautiful with all the imperfections is the new beautiful.

Every other person you meet has an unread book written with multiple stories. Until you read those and discover the great substance in it and here you know the genuine magnificence of that individual.
Often we get attracted to the outer looks of a person and the attractive appearance they hold. Later on, when you start getting into that person, you feel disappointed by their thoughts, wiggles.

Looking deeper, you will realize you have to live with other people’s actions and thoughts, not with facial beauty. I would prefer not to presume that external looks ought to be completely disregarded. However, unquestionably ought not to be the most significant thing throughout everyday life. Pay attention to everything but figuring out what to look at more is always a benefit.

Your looks can capture a glance, but your qualities and inner beauty will force them to stay. Learn to love yourself the way you are. This is a never-ending charm and there is no competition to this.
Do justice to yourself and nurture yourself with all the softness and be beautiful differently. Inner beauty lives forever.

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Inner beauty lives forever

Being pretty, kind and generous makes you beautiful. Be gracefully gorgeous with these best cosmetics in life. You can take care of physical appearance if you have an amazing cosmetic surgeon. 


Megha Kakkar

Got goosebumps…written soo beautifully…πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

Shradha Shinde

I have read many articles on Inner beauty but I haven’t read something so substantial. So proud of your writing and your journey of becoming the stronger women you are todayπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘.

Ankita Verma

Thoughtful and lovely read!
Almost everyone is running in a rat-race focused on improving the outer beauty hoping this will provide a solution to their problems while inner well being goes for a toss. Basically, masking their issues with perfect outer appearance. Article hits the nerve where it hurts the mostπŸ‘


good written sister……


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