Happy, I didn’t Quit ! It changed my Life.

Happy, I didn’t Quit ! It changed my Life.

Let me tell you about myself. I am currently working as a Tech Lead and writing is what I love to do in my spare time, during breaks and week offs. That’s why I lack consistency. I didn’t quit when it was tough and it changed my life.

When I passed out of my college and went to other city for Job. The Job promised to me was not a genuine one. It was a coaching institute who asks money from the students whom they hire from college placements and tell them that they will train them and look job for them. Good word will be that it was a racket to loot money from the freshers who were eager to do anything to find a job because they came from different states and it was not easy for them to go home without a job.

You know how it feels, when you had got an offer letter that ****** will be your package and in the end it is you who is going to pay so called company. With me there were many other students and we all broke. It will like our dream got shattered. Many students left to their home, many cried, many yelled at staff and many kept silent. Few like me were just hiding everything from the parents because we know how it feels when your dreams are broken.

Day after day the students were going back to their homes. I was their with few of my friends. My friends discussed with their parents and all planned to leave. I was left alone and none of my parents knew that. I started finding jobs online, through consultancies, going to company doors to share my resume with no experience.

Having food for one time only because I was out of money. Many a days, I was having Langar (Free food) from Gurudwara Sahib (Sikh Temple) and sitting their for long hours. I was feeling that God is with me and listening me when I am all quiet. I was not taking any auto or bus, just travelling on foot for some km’s during job search.

On a good day, I was called for an interview in a small, very small IT company. It was a hosting service provider and they had got a project which they wanted to develop from scratch. I had no experience of any project at that time but I had tried learning during job search, because I tried searching freelancing projects for development. When the owner of that hosting company asked me if I can complete the project. Without delaying my answer was ‘yes’. I had to design, code, create database and then he will host the website. I was ready to do full stack development. For Salary, he offered me only 5k INR at that time. To survive there and make a space for me in this industry, I accepted and my job started. Still I was doing breakfast and then dinner in the PG. I was travelling on foot from PG to office and vice versa. I struggled a lot to complete the project, But I didn’t quit.

I learned designing, coding standards and db on youtube and read articles while developing the project and was happy to handover the whole online education website within 2 months with features like online payment, online courses, assignments etc. It was a big project and I worked day and night on it. It was not a perfect one but it was the best start for me. Design was changed, logic was changed and now that online education website is providing certifications all around the world. I got 2600 as my first salary because I joined in between the month.

I started working on different projects. I was trying to complete projects as soon as possible. After few months my pay checks were delayed without any reason. I hated this delaying thing and asked for a raise as well because I was working hard and company was now growing as an IT company. Few months later, I resigned and joined a new organization, a startup and there also worked on projects from scratch. I never said no to any technology or project. I just started doing.

Now, as 10 years have passed and I am currently working as a Tech lead in one of the biggest MNC’s. I feel happy and Proud that I didn’t quit and stayed to fight and make a way for me in a new city. I now smile and sometimes tears shine my cheeks when I remember those days and nights. I am happy, I didn’t quit and it changed my life.

Those days made me learn that anything is possible, you must have the will. never ever Quit. If you have the thirst, you will find the source of water no matter what.

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