Gems of Gurbani- Sukhmani Sahib

Gems of Gurbani- Sukhmani Sahib

3 Aug, 2020

Gems of Gurbani- Sukhmani Sahib
Sukhmani Sahib is very popular bani amongst Sikhs and people make groups in big cities to recite these bani in the congregation. The idea behind this type of recitation is its central theme that says;

Sukhmani sukh amrit prabh naam II
Bhagat jana kay manah bisram II 1II Rahao II

meaning; reciting the name of Lord is the origin of all the bliss and one gets this bliss in the company of God-oriented people because God and His Name recite in their hearts. Rest of the Sukhmani bani is the definition of this central theme.

Sukhmani Sahib is the creation of Guru Arjun Devji that he has recorded in Guru Granth Sahib in Raag Gauri and the art of literature used is known as Ashtapadi or with eight verses. There are 24 ashtapadis that can be further divided thematically to come to the conclusion of Sukhmani meaning Name (of the Lord) is like a precious stone that bestows the bliss. The thematic division of Sukhmani is as follows:

1)    The simran or recitation of Akal Purakh (The Timeless Being) is greater than all other religious rituals (Ashtapadi ;1,2,3)

2)    The illusions or Maya always attracts people more intensely because it gives them wealth, power and position so one can get engrossed in this. Only if His (Lord’s) Grace becomes evident the bliss of His Name will be bestowed (Ashtapadi; 4, 5, 6).

3)    When God’s Grace is bestowed then one joins the company of Sadh Sangat (people who have achieved the harmonious union with Lord and have become blessed to become part of the soul of His Lordship), you may call these people Gurmukh, Brahmgyani      or Sadhu (Ashtapadi; 7,8 ,9).

4)     The Timeless Being (Akal Purakh) is praised by all living creatures on this earth because he exists everywhere and gives life to everyone (Astapadi; 10, 11).

5)    The one who is blessed to recite His Name and praises must take care of the following virtues; a – he must become humble in nature (Ashtapadi 12), b – he must not slander anyone (Ashtapadi 13), c – He must concentrate on the Timeless being because He is the one who will and can fulfill all wishes and needs (Ashtapadi 14, 15).

6)    How is that Timeless Being (Akal Purakh)? He exists in every being still He is free of illusions or maya (Ashtapadi 16).

7)    He (Lord ) is indestructible (Ashtapadi 17) because He is forever there and by reciting His Name  our soul gets enlightened with His presence (Ashtapadi 18) .

8)    The Name of the Lord alone is that wealth that gives company to the human soul when his time comes to go to nether world (Ashtapadi 19).

9)    If one supplicates at His Door one can achieve this wealth of His Company (Ashtapadi 20).

The God whom we call Nirgun because He has no form, shape, relationship becomes Sargun by existing in every life Form (Ashtapadi 21, 22).

10)   When He becomes enlightened as the knight of knowledge in the human soul then one realizes His existence is everywhere (Ashtapadi 23).

God is the treasure house of all virtues and by reciting (Simran) His Name one gets the Bliss of His Precious Name that is Sukhmani (Ashtapadi 24).

Gems of Gurbani- Sukhmani Sahib by Rajinder Kaur Johal

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