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  • The Fascinating Science of Secret to Success. Read it now.
    What is the secret of success? Let me tell you a story that can help you to discover the real secret of success.A young man asked Socrates, what is the secret of Success?. Socrates smiled and told him to meet him near the river the next morning. The young man came early morning near the […]
  • Your Perception of Me is a Reflection of You, My Reaction to You is an Awareness of Me
  • You Know It, Life
    Little Life,The tiny Life,Saw the world as what it was,Jittery and clueless, oh what it saw?It saw light: illuminatingIt saw flowers: bloomingLife began to take the first stride; life ran and followed the light; the brightestLife touched the flowers, sniffed the sweetnessLife was growing, tip toeing, jumping, and hopping: the somersault! Could it all be […]
  • Sometimes, Spoken word poetry
    sometimes I just want to cry it outbut thenthe feeling that how everyone will take ithow people will judge me if I try to show thehidden scary, haunting, despair, brokenthings that are stuck in my mind and don’t want tocome out. Sometimes I just want to leave everythingand leave the place and go where no […]
  • How to be positive When things are not on your side.
    There are times when things don’t go by the way we want. Everything just seems working opposite to our will. Just like the current situation, the world and specifically India is shattered. People are worried for themselves and for families health. People are not able to move freely to other places, not able to go […]
  • The Boy With a Broken Heart – Book Review
    The book which I started when I was somewhat free after checking the cover photo of the book. Yes, it is true I started this without knowing what the book is all about. But when I started reading it, I forgot where I am sitting and my food also. The story was so touching and […]
  • Think Like a Monk
    You don’t have to be a monk to think like a monk A self help book, this book is a long read and it will take you days to read it.Each day you can implement the lessons from the book into your life to make it a content one. Language is very easy to read […]
  • 15 Quotes by Guru Gobind Singh Ji
    The warrior, Poet, Philosopher and the tenth Master of Sikhism, Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji. Khalsa was founded by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Guru Gobind Singh ji fought against the tyrants and sacrificed himself, his four sons and his mother and father for humanity. There is no other example in the world that […]
  • Stay positive – it always wins
  • Love Has no Perfect Definition
    A great life has so many key ingredients where Love is one of the aspects. Faith and trust are its pillars. We can feel its presence all around us.We start experiencing love from the day we are born. The first love in each one of our lives is the love we receive from our mothers.This […]

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