Bizarre Truth Of Personality Development

Bizarre Truth Of Personality Development

Bizarre Truth Of Personality Development: The theory of personal improvement is quite fantastic and attractive too. The term Personal development is a wide one with no strict definition as it can lead to an improvement in any field. One may have a different area which needs to be focussed upon in their life. Some have anger issues, few need to change their mindset to become more positive in life. Others have their entire focus on grooming themselves with new skills. Some are excellent with whatever they do but fail to control their anger.

Whereas some are so polite and considerate that they even fail to take a stand as and when required. And it is okay too, we all are equipped with some good qualities and lack in some or the other way. What’s important is to proceed and always keep learning something.

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.” — Leonardo DiCaprio.

This desire to become a better version of ourselves is Self Growth only. We all start growing from the day we are born, physically, mentally and spiritually as well.
In every stage of life, we get a promotion which definitely demands a better version of us with more responsibility, the same we get promotion in our professional life.

We start our professional journey as a fresher and we live this journey with various roles and different sets of responsibilities. As we flourish ourselves professionally, we get promotions which come with more responsibility. Likewise, it goes with personal life, We learn as we grow up. And the same way, we have to perform better fulfilling all the responsibilities. We all remember when we were kids, the small troubles we used to face seemed to be big tensions of our lives. And as we got older, the problems also became bigger and those small troubles are not troubles for us anymore because we all have learnt to deal with those. Problems never stop coming in our lives,
we learn to find solutions to them and to fight them. The level of complications and our viewpoint towards them keeps on changing, the only constant thing is learning.

Every day we keep learning and moving forward. And this is how we grow.
At each point in our lives, human errors are expected and definitely we will make mistakes as all of our actions and doings cannot be perfect.Doing mistakes is not wrong but surely avoiding them is.Because if we don’t learn from our mistakes, steadily will become recursive events of our lives. Acceptance is important.Undoubtedly it takes courage to accept them but certainly if one learns to accept them and be determined enough to correct them, morality and ethics will be reflexive in your behaviour.

We are all different from one another and that’s how our actions as well. Looking at other’s behaviour and acts in different situations can be a way to recognize your positives and negative traits. However, looking at others does not at all mean that you start constantly exposing to their stories filled with success and achievement in personal and professional events. As this may tend to have an envious feeling for them. Always look at others to gain positive energies, motivation and learning, we are not supposed to enter the rat race. Remember personal development is attached to conquering the negatives in us not conquering others. We are our competitors, no one else.

If you take a look around, you will surely be flooded with people who already are participants in this rat race of doing a job better than others. Think for a while, will this race lead you to anywhere, will this give you satisfaction, certainly not. The only thing you will achieve is stress and havoc in mind. We as a whole are outfitted with various highlights, positives and abilities and thus an alternate speed of accomplishing. Change this natural instinct of competing with others and get yourself out of this rat race.

Find a tough competitor in yourself and fight to do everything better today than yesterday. Facing your fears will make you even stronger and keep you growing.
Self-growth neither lies in competing with others nor bringing others down. I see people around me, just to grow in a certain way and gain success, they tend to see competition in every other individual and also start to demote them. Certainly demoting them will bring them down in front of all but you yourself will be degraded on your own.

It’s rightly said, “Blowing out someone else’s candle does not make yours shine any brighter”. Self-growth starts from you and it should be only related to you. No matter how much knowledge you gain,
how high you fly there will always be new learning at every phase of life and in every situation of life. Simply remember to be optimistic and aim to make a difference in your life in whatever you do. Be hungry, be ambitious and grow through hardship.

The health of your brain is much more about your actions than your age, so grow a little more daily.
These small learnings will certainly prove to be a big support in your personal growth. The energy within you has the power to make yourself better than what you are today.

All you need is that gentle encouragement to get you started. “I can do this” can turn many cants of your life to cans. Stand up and make a note to yourself with all your imperfections.
Pick up one daily and change this imperfection to perfection. However do not try to just finish this list, try to make an addition to this, because growing is a never-ending process.

Learn what you don’t know and improve what you know.

Bizarre Truth Of Personality Development by Aastha Nagpal

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Amazingly written!!..keep it up!


Amazingly written!!..keep it up!


Whoa..amazing thanks aastha . ..noted !!!


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