A place that Haunts me

A place that Haunts me

by Reena
7 May, 2020

A place that Haunts me…

Where is this place??
A place which has no description
has no bounds no limits …
no bindings of barbed wires or fencing but,
encircled with innocence and purity,
A place which stops your heartbeat,
which makes u gulp all the breaths u take
in a twist of a day at its sight…
where can I find this place ???
does anybody know such a place…
A place where sun rise, rises
new thoughts take you to the Zenith of Living
n with Sunset your pain n struggle settles
in Grave to never rise again…
A place where the childlike shy soul comes dressed
In its best attire out of its hard-shelled cocoon
Unveils its face and enjoys the game of hide n seek
With the soft naughty breeze blowing, teasing n tickling
The leaves n fresh blossoms of the tall shrubs…
A place clad with love, crowned with grace
of the DIVINE,
where all your dreams come to an end,
u are in the lap of the Peace itself,
where Your DIVINE MOTHER caresses you,
where u are Happiness itself
so full of love, so full of life,
u feel vast as ocean, unreachable and spread as the Universe
where your thoughts cease
A place where u are welcomed by the most awaited
heavenly creatures whose physical presence
may not be perceived with our naked and earthly eyes
whose presence can only be felt from within.
In the company of whose you are in perfect harmony…
A place where the trees sway to dance to the tune
of your feet as u walk with the Heavenly Creatures
hand in hand kissing away your pain
showering their Blessings and love casting a spell of Lifetime
permanent happiness on your face,
installing an everlasting smile on your lips
filling you with ABUNDANCE
which cease all your desires
quieten all the restlessness n chatterings of your mind —
Mind who leaps around from place to place, from thing to thing
from one feeling to another wandering like a nomad
in search of Fake, short-living happiness…

and where you are awe-stricken with surprise
wondering if you on this earthy world
which has lost its purity, where humanism has raced far away
to hide in caves at the sight of the cruelty its suffering at
the hands of “The INHABITANTS “…
Can anybody find me such a place???



Inloved reading it. It is fullnif emotions and love.
The feelings are very well expressed 😍.


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